Environmentally friendly and innovative solutions

Every idea and work is unique; as craft wizards, we try to realize even the craziest ideas. Feel free to ask, also those things that are not on the list.

  • All kinds of log tables, benches
    NB! We have a unique set of outdoor learning boards for kindergartens and schools.
  • Various log buildings. Small buildings, additions. Every idea can be implemented.

  • EkoNams unique authentic Scandinavian loghouses https://www.ekonams.lv/en/about-us/#product

  • Playgrounds, sandboxes

  • Design of log buildings (ArchiCAD) and construction documentation

  • Consultation

  • Cupella hot tubs, Cupella SPA, tubular saunas, oval saunas, campsites, trailer saunas
  • KADAKA KRAAM – JUNIPER PRODUCTS (key holders, stands, wall plates)

  • “TULÕNAKAHTUS” incendiary materials (resin chips, planing chips)

  • “SAVVUPUDINAQ” smoking chip for making smoked products (alder, oak, apple tree, etc.)

New products

LAAVU (from log)
Unique log table set for kindergarten