Handmade log garden furniture and log buildings

The beauty and originality of wood are best expressed in its industrially untreated form – processed by hand.

Every idea and work is unique; as craft wizards, we realize even the craziest ideas.

Products & services

High-quality log furniture

Bring natural warmth and rustic charm to any room with high-quality log furniture for your home or garden.

Special Projects

We specialize in constructing various log buildings including small buildings and additions. We have the expertise and resources to bring your ideas to life. No matter how unique your project is, we can do it.

Design (ArchiCAD), Construction documentation, EHR

Every extraordinary idea and vision of the future dream building must be shaped into a project before construction begins. Designing – a compromise between dreams, ideas, technology, construction and strength standards and construction legislation.

Stylish and unique
handmade wooden products

Hand-processed wood preserves positive energy. We offer handmade wooden products that are stylish, unique, and can make you feel happier naturally. Our woodwork allows us to fulfill all your requests.

Partners / Collaboration partners

Handmade loghouses

Scandinavian loghouses

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Toosikannu puhkekeskus – Enjoy life in Toosikannu

Ostrova Festival –  Enjoy good music in Ostrova